Meajam diffusé aux USA sur MIND AND SOUL Radio ce Week-end.
par on mai 18, 2019 dans Actualités

Until further notice, our weekly show « Bayou Blue Jazz & Cie » will be featuring a European jazz artist.

This Sunday at 6 pm (Mind & Soul Radio – 101.3 FM – Omaha), discover saxophonist Médéric Collignon, one of the new European jazz generation’s most exciting artists.Andy Emler & David Liebman Commutations 2

Mederic Collignon Instruction/Indiscipline

Mederic Collignon River Man

Mederic Colligon Brubaker Adagio’s And Coda

Mederic Colligon the Scorpio theme song

Mederic Collignon Money Runner

Grazzia Giu’s Try Again

Kicca I Can Fly

Kelly Hafner r Keep on Hangng On

Meajam (Xavier Faro) Vent contraire

Miles Davis High Speed Chase

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